Prospective Tenants – Let us help you find your next home

We provide to tenants with the types of accommodation service that suit their needs and budgets.  Our relief service will not only provide you with a home to live but also help you to help yourselves in effectively running your lives.  For example:

finding occupational opportunities, meeting educational needs for families with children, actively integrating into local life, signposting you to training and educational service providers, improving your access to local healthcare services and other amenities etc.

By renting through Home Relief, your next home could be like the following



What can Home Relief do to help you effectively find your home at any time?

As a prospective tenant, you can get help from Home Relief to improve the way you are looking for accommodation, attract landlords and find your new home at any time.

Home Relief Tenant’s Help-To-Rent support includes the following:

  • Help in organising your pre-renting file and online profile

  • Review your social media accounts with you to make them attractive to landlords/ladies for online referencing purpose

  • Property search service at fingertips

  • Application form filling surgeries

  • Help in putting together your reference package and profile

  • Digital support (with on-line forms filling and other on-line tenancy problem-solving support)

  • Signposting you to rent deposit and rent in advance schemes

  • One-to-one workshops on the process of building credit records history for credit check purpose

  • Mediation and advocacy service to deal with your minor tenancy issues

  • Rental and current legislation advice clinics

  • Administration fee payment plans

  • Protection advice against the coronavirus pandemic

If we pick up the Mediation and Advocacy support service for example,  Home Relief can work together with tenants by organising a plan of actions to deal with the following issues:
repairs, homeless appeals, eviction processes and notices, possession proceedings, legal aid leads and contacts, funding options, compensation issues, signposting to litigation experts etc.
In brief, we can help tenants to understand both their obligations/responsibilities and rights/entitlements as tenants.

EXTRA service:  Home Relief provides a TENANT RELIEF PACKAGE!!!

You can request your TENANT’S RELIEF PACKAGE at any time during our working office hours.  Home Relief can provide you with a TENANT RELIEF PACKAGE, specifically arranged to relieve your pressing needs of home.  If you require one, SPEAK TO HOME RELIEF NOW!

To access this help, please book online 24/7 by using the contact forms on this site.  Alternatively, you can e-mail: contact@homerelief.co or textphone 07570 021123

To ease the process of helping you, please indicate in a few words the type of help you would like us to provide when making your booking. This service is provided on a first come first serve basis


With Home Relief, you can VIEW it, CHOOSE it and RENT it

Properties to Let and Search

To find out what is in our books as properties to let and to search any suitable property for you and or people around you, please go to https://homerelief.co/property-search/  

Potential Home Buyers – We can work with you to buy a home

ADVICE ON HOME BUYING PROCESS from offer to completion date (getting the keys)

If you are a low income earner (that is, being in lower middle and or low income brackets) and do not earn enough money to buy a property outright, Home Relief can work with you so that you could become a property owner.

Home Relief’s home buying advice service consists of information and guidance on all the parties involved in home buying process such as managing agents, solicitors, mortgage lender underwritten team, valuation surveyor, the Land registry, the local authorities, sellers, building surveyor etc.

Our home-buying advisory services to low income earners include the following areas:

• Buying options

• Home-buying financial products

• Help to buy schemes

• Finding a property to buy etc.

For further details about our home-buying advisory services, please contact Home Relief

REGISTER AS A PROSPECTIVE HOME BUYER OR TENANT by completing the following form and submitting it to Home Relief

Register your interest and find your next home today

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